Wilton Interfaith Committee

he Wilton Interfaith Action Committee is composed 10 Wilton faith institutions, including Christian, Jewish, and Muslin, and brings together congregants for the good of the community. Wi-ACT conducts an annual Stop Hunger Now day at the WEBCO Church complex, where approximately 125 volunteer’s work in 2 hour shifts, a total of 4 shifts (500 people), to package over 160,000 meals. This is an event that has volunteers from the age of 5 to their 90’s helping. Wi-ACT is also working with Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services (IRIS) in New Haven to sponsor a refuge family resettlement in the area. The support program contemplates 6 months of intensive hands-on work by Wi-ACT with the family after which the family will be expected to be fully self-sustaining and independent, living in housing the family will have chosen with Wi-ACT’s advice and help somewhere in this general area. WCC involvement: Our involvement is both financial support and hands on opportunities for the congregation with the Stop Hunger Now campaign.