Spiritual Gifts

All of us want to be the best person that God created us to be. As Christians, we believe that God created each of us as unique individuals and that God gives us the ability to make unique contributions that will bring glory to God and make our world a better place. Scripture tells us that Spiritual Gifts are abilities that God gives us to do this. They differ from our own skills and talents in that Spiritual Gifts come not completely from our own effort, they are enhanced by God. Healthy and vital churches are filled with people who are using their spiritual gifts.

Discover your Gifts

We would like to invite you to take the Spiritual Gifts Discovery Assessment. When you take this assessment online, your results will go into our system so that we can help you make the connection between your gifts and areas of service in our ministry. 

Once you complete the assessment, you will also receive your results. Plus, to help you understand your gifts and how to use them—when you finish the assessment, you can download a profile sheet for each of your gifts on the website.