Our mission is to connect with God and one another through Christ, giving hope, healing, and help so that lives and communities may be transformed.



The Sacrament of Baptism in Wilton Congregational Church involves the presence of the congregation and is reserved for members of our church. Our members firmly believe that the Sacrament of Baptism creates a covenant between the congregation and the baptized child.

WCC requires one meeting with the child’s parents in order to prepare for the baptism. No fees are charged for baptisms, but contributions may be made to the Church.

For more information or to schedule a baptism for your child, please contact the Church Office at (203) 762-5591.


We are pleased to perform weddings for Church members and members of their families. Before finalizing your wedding date, please call the Church Office to make sure the church and a minister are available.

WCC requires three premarital conferences with the prospective couple in order to prepare for the wedding.

For more information about having your wedding at Wilton Congregational Church, please the Church Office.


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Funerals and Memorial Services

The Senior Minister is available to discuss your wishes and help with planning with all funerals and memorial services. We are happy to keep a record of your preferences, as well as any other documents related to end-of-life planning.

Our Senior Minister is available to conduct Funerals, Memorial Services for church members and those connected to our church, subject to their availability and the Church’s schedule. The Senior Minister, along with the Director of Music Ministry and members of Church Staff, will require a meeting with members of the deceased’s family to plan the service. A schedule of fees is available by contacting the Church Office.


For nearly two centuries, Hillside Cemetery has served as the final resting place for Wilton’s veterans, founding families, and residents. Deeded to the Wilton Congregational Church in 1818, it is the town’s largest and most notable community cemetery welcoming families of all faiths – a tradition continued today.  Set on 26 tranquil acres, Hillside offers traditional burial spots as well as the Cremation Memorial Garden, an alternative for interring the ashes of loved ones.

For more information or to schedule a tour of Hillside, please contact the Church Office at (203) 762-5591.