Keystone House

The mission of Keystone House, Incorporated is to increase the ability of persons with disabilities to adjust to and remain in the community environments of their choice with personal success and satisfaction with as much independence as individually possible. Programs: Programs include: helping persons with psychiatric disabilities and those who have both psychiatric disabilities and substance abuse disorders to find and maintain appropriate living arrangements, helping those individuals to structure their time by accessing recreational, volunteer, and pre-vocational opportunities, maintaining a halfway house and group home, and offering vocational assistance. Our involvement: We provide financial support and some “hands on” opportunities for the congregation with our annual umbrella drive and our on-going toiletries collection and deliver them to the organization. We also have our “Gift of Christmas” catalog, where members of the congregation purchase gifts for our mission partners, by selecting from a catalog, filling out a gift form, and making a donation. The donor receives an ornament and a tag identifying the purchased gift.