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Middle and High School

Teens come to know the Bible as a relevant, dynamic guide for navigating life’s ups and downs. They discover what it means to be a child of God—and why it matters. Working side-by-side, they forge friendships, learn to value one another, and change lives one plate of meatloaf, one adobe clay brick, one kind word at a time. 


Middle School Sunday School - Sunday during 9:30 service (excluding 1st Sunday of the month)

Together, teens delve into the Bible and examine their Christian faith and its relevancy in today’s world. Probing questions such as, “What exactly does it mean to be a servant of Christ?” and “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people” are explored, helping students deepen their relationship with God. 


High School Coffee Hour - First Sunday of the Month in the Colonial Room 10:30 - 11:00 AM

High schoolers are invited for doughnuts and conversation about lived faith and applying what we hear on Sunday to how we live during the rest of the week. Gather in the Colonial Room during coffee hour between the 9:30 and 11 services on the first Sunday of every month.

Confirmation Class – Twice Monthly 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM 

A time for reflection, 9th graders and above spend their confirmation year discerning what faith means to them and the ways in which they are called to bring God’s love into the world. Confirmands delve into the beliefs and traditions of faith, considering how Christianity impacts their own lives. While deeply personal, confirmation is also a time of shared experiences and enduring friendships. Students join the church as full members on Confirmation Sunday a memorable and celebratory service lead entirely by the confirmation class.  See website calendar for exact dates. 


Local Community Service

We strive to nurture our youth’s connection to God and the world around them, so we have committed to monthly service within Wilton, including local events like Rise Against Hunger and making meatloaf for the soup kitchen. This year also marks the beginning of a partnership with Stay at Home in Wilton (SAHW), a non-profit organization providing support services for the elderly in the area. WCC youth will help SAHW members brush up on technology skills and learn about their phones and computers at monthly technology workshops. This is sure to be a life-giving opportunity for all involved as we build relationships and give back to Wilton. 

Sign Up Here: 

SAHW Technology Class - Wednesday, September 4

SAHW Technology Class - Wednesday, October 2

Meatloaf Night - Friday, October 18

SAHW Technology Class - Wednesday, November 6

SAHW Technology Class - Wednesday, December 4

Social Events

Most importantly, we have fun! Join us for monthly social events, including our Church Sleepover and destination events to places like Lake Compounce Haunted Graveyard. These carefree activities are open to all and perfect events to bring your friends!

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Youth Church Sleepover - Saturday, September 14 - Sunday, September 15

Lake Compounce Haunted Graveyard - Friday, October 25

Friendsgiving - Tuesday, November 19

Youth Ministry Christmas Party - Saturday, December 7


Mission Trips

provide an opportunity for WCC youth and their friends to put faith into action. With sweat-stained brows, paint-streaked shirts and muddy hands, they restore hope as they rebuild homes, discovering that they are blessed with the love and power to improve lives and change the world. Grounded in love and Christian service, WCC’s mission trips transport teens to communities struggling with poverty, injustice and neglect. Here, they connect and form friendships with those that they serve and come to realize that they is more that draws us together than drives us apart.


Our Mission Work

A mission trip is a call to Christian service that connects us with God and others in life-changing ways. We go to provide a hand-up rather than a hand-out. To share our incredible blessings with others in need of grace and love. To discover first-hand that we are all children of God, equally loved, equally valued, equally worthy. WCC’s mission trip experiences are formative and enduring. Working in adult-lead teams, teens rise early and work throughout the day to repair homes, replant gardens, and integrate into the communities in which they serve. Along the way, they cultivate relationships with the people they meet, interacting with adults over dinner, with children on the playground, with the community during prayer and worship in the local church. Together, teens and their partner community explore faith in a rich and transformative exchange.

2020 Mission Trip - chicago, illinois

The 2020 Mission Trip is headed to Chicago! Join us June 21-27 as we travel to Chicago to serve our neighbors and learn about what God is up to in the world. It is sure to be a fun and transformative adventure! Contact Lydia (lydia@wiltoncongregational.org) with any questions. Check out the registration form here.

All Middle and High School Programs are lead by The Rev. Lydia Gajdel, lydia@wiltoncongregational.org, our Director of Christian Formation and adult supervisors in a fun, safe and respectful environment. Friends are always welcome, so bring yours along!