To fight poverty from the inside out as we embrace the urban poor and addicted with the compassion of Christ, offering hope and healing for a changed life. Our vision is to excel in the provision of food, shelter, clothing, education, job training and residential discipleship regardless of faith, ethnicity or economic status. BRM feeds the hungry, clothes the needy, shelters the homeless and offers a residential addition recovery program. Programs: Emergency shelter, food pantry, mobile kitchen, and residential drug addiction program. WCC involvement: We provide financial support and “hands-on” opportunities to the congregation. This includes the virtual “Thanksgiving Turkey drive”, an annual coat drive, including collection, sorting, mending, bagging, assisting in the distribution of coats to their clients, conducting food drives and we make daily fresh lunches for Norwalk children in a summer camp program through BRM for one week each summer. We also have our “Gift of Christmas” catalog, where members of the congregation purchase gifts for our mission partners, by selecting from a catalog, filling out a gift form, and making a donation. The donor receives an ornament and a tag identifying the purchased gift.