Boards and Committees

Faith is an inspiring adventure that moves people from the sidelines to active engagement in life. WCC offers countless opportunities to collaborate with others around shared interests and contribute your unique talents both within the church and beyond. By joining a board or committee, you’ll experience God in everyday ways, meet friends and make the world a better place. 

Executive Board

The Executive Board comprises WCC’s lay leadership. Acting in the best interest of the church, it keeps a vigilant watch on the well-being of WCC’s ministries, activities and policies, offering guidance and strategic thought where needed. Lead by the General Chairman and Vice Chairman, the Executive Board is comprised of the lay leaders from each of the church’s boards and committees. Together, these energetic, dedicated women and men ensure that the church continues to be the relevant, living beacon of Christianity that it is today.

Board of Deacons

Cultivating and leading the spiritual life of the church is the responsibility of the Board of Deacons. Partnering closely with our Minister, the Deacons oversee all aspects of the church’s weekly worship services, coordinate rides for parishioners without transportation and orchestrate special services. Seeking to nurture a deeper sense of community and care throughout the church, they ensure that those going through difficult times have nourishing meals and a compassionate support system to lean on. From baptism to confirmation, marriage to bereavement, the Deacons enrich and enliven every aspect of spiritual life at WCC.

Board of Trustees

At WCC, we intelligently and prayerfully steward God’s money with integrity and excellence. The Board of Trustees serves as the church’s fiduciary, ensuring the financial well-being of the parish and the responsible investment and distribution of its assets. As guardians of WCC’s property and business affairs, the Board prepares annual budgets, allocating funds to other Boards and Committees, and appropriates budgetary procedures and fiscal controls throughout the church. Additionally, the Board safeguards the financial holdings of the church and its two cemeteries, managing, investing and reinvesting those assets in the best long- and short-term interest of the parish.

Board of Mission and Service

The heart of WCC is its members—people with the passion, energy and commitment to serve society and transform lives. Called to spread God’s message of hope and love, the Board of Mission and Service seeks opportunities to provide Christian outreach and love to others, both near and far. Sleeves rolled up and hearts open, we step out in action through a variety of ministries that allow us to use our individual and collective spiritual gifts for the benefit of all. In doing so, we grow closer with one another and with God. The Board researches and discerns where the challenges are greatest, then develops hands-on, church-wide programs to help meets those needs. In addition, the Board provides financial and volunteer assistance to numerous mission partners.

Board of Children's Ministry

The Board of Children's Ministry partners with the Director of Christian Formation to develop spiritual programs that stir and enrich mind and soul of all of our children. They create meaningful Sunday School classes that introduce Scripture and Christian beliefs to children through relevant, easy-to-understand lessons and activities that foster deeper friendships and respect for individualism. An outward-focused church, WCC’s Children’s Church also provides hands-on opportunities for students to help others in need.

Board of Youth Ministry

WCC is a place where God’s message is not just heard, but brought to life through our children and youth. Overseeing the educational and spiritual vitality of WCC’s youth activities, the Board of Youth Ministry develops programs with impact. Youth Ministry programs help youth understand the world around them, the Bible, our Christian faith and how they can live as servants of Christ. Dynamic, relevant and hands-on, WCC’s youth programs help teens come to better know God and what it means to be children of God in a needy world. Confirmation classes encourage youth to grow into their own faith relationship with both God and one another as they prepare to become members of the church independent of their families. And WCC’s summer Mission Trip brings it all to life in real-world, sleeves-rolled up ministry.

Board of Music

WCC is blessed with a gifted and creative Director of Music Ministries who, along with the church’s vocal and instrumental choirs, fills the sanctuary with melodies ranging from traditional to gospel to contemporary Christian rock. The Board of Music supports these multigenerational programs with the goal of providing inspiration, joy and comfort to the congregation through song. In addition to the traditional adult choir, the Board helps guide the English Handbell choir, and the annual Christmas pageant. Musicians, vocalists and nonperformers with a passion for melody, Board members find the Holy Spirit vibrantly alive in the church’s musical worship.

Board of Fellowship

Connecting with each another on a personal level is central to our lives as Christians. Amidst the laughter and conversation, we witness God in the faces of friends, old and new. The Board of Fellowship provides engaging opportunities for members to come together and socialize. From Sunday coffee hour to women’s fellowship luncheons, chili cook-offs to special receptions, the Board creates meaningful, creative and fun events that encourage us to let our hair down, get better acquainted and deepen our friendships with one another.

Board of Membership

Visitors are often struck by the palpable energy at WCC, whether during worship, fellowship or outreach activities. The Board of Membership warmly welcomes visitors and prospective members, answering questions, inviting them to worship and introducing them to our church family. The Board also hosts evening and after-church informational sessions that allow newcomers to get better acquainted with the Senior Minister, the lay leadership and the operations of the church. New members are cause for celebration and the Board makes certain that they’re enthusiastically welcomed at a special reception, reminding them that this place is their spiritual home.

Board of Stewardship

It’s the generosity of everyday people in our community that fuels the incredible life changes we experience here at WCC. The church’s support comes from the monetary contributions of members who see God’s hand in our worship, missions, music and fellowship. Each October, the Stewardship Board launches a campaign to raise money for the church’s financial needs—both ongoing operational expenses as well as outreach and mission programs. Recognizing that money is most valuable when it’s put to work helping others, the Board of Stewardship reminds us that it is a privilege to give generously of our time, talents and treasure

Building & Grounds Committee

Constructed in 1790, the church’s historic sanctuary is a Wilton landmark that once served as the town’s central meeting house. Two subsequent additions in the 1950s and later, in 2009, provided environmentally sustainable, contemporary space for the ever-expanding ministries and activities taking place at this iconic New England church. WCC is also home to a historically significant parsonage, two antique barns and the Wilton Playshop. The Building & Grounds Committee oversees all landscaping, maintenance and improvements for these properties and the 10.3 acres upon which they are situated as well as those at Hillside and Sharp Hill cemeteries, which comprise 28 acres of peaceful, pastoral land.

Investments Committee

WCC is blessed with endowment assets contributed by generous, forward-looking church members, both past and present. The Investment Committee oversees the prudent management of these monies by establishing the church’s investment policy and monitoring current investment performance to insure it aligns with that policy. While endowment assets are occasionally utilized, the committee strives to preserve the principle and grow the endowment for generations to come. The Investment Committee also collaborates with the Treasurer to support the operating expenses of the church.

Nominating Committee

As beautiful as it is, the church is not a bricks and mortar structure at its heart. It’s the congregation and staff that animate and breathe life into this place. Together, we contribute our time, talents and resources to fulfill our shared vision for the church. WCC’s many boards and committees offer opportunities to get involved in whatever way feeds your soul. Each spring, some terms end and members move on to other volunteer positions within the church, leaving openings for new people with fresh ideas to step in. The Nominating Committee works diligently to help all who wish to serve find exactly the right board or committee to join. It is through the efforts of all that the church continues to thrive.

Cemetery Affairs Committee

Set on 27 tranquil acres, Hillside Cemetery operates under the loving and watchful eye of The Cemetery Affairs Committee. Deeded to the church in 1818, it is the town’s largest and most notable community cemetery, welcoming families of all faiths. The Cemetery Affairs Committee oversees the property’s annual development and maintenance expenditures while creating a sound, selfsustaining financial plan for perpetual care and future expansion to meet the Wilton community’s needs.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee advises the Senior Minister and the Executive Board on all human relations matters. It develops job descriptions, actively seeks to fill vacant or new positions, establishes compensation policies, negotiates contracts and benefits plans, and maintains a personnel procedures manual. The committee also supports staff members through training programs, growth-focused performance evaluations, compassionate counseling and serves as ombudsman when needed.