family_ministry_mission_01Each summer, WCC youth and their friends put their faith into action. With sweat-stained brows, paint-streaked shirts and muddy hands, they restore hope as they rebuild homes, discovering that they are blessed with the love and power to improve lives and change the world.

Grounded in love and Christian service, WCC’s mission trips transport teens to communities they’ve not likely encountered; neighborhoods struggling with poverty, injustice and neglect. Here, they connect and form friendships with those that they serve and come to realize that there is more that draws us together than drives us apart.


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Our Mission Work
A mission trip is a call to Christian service that connects us with God and others in life-changing ways. We go to provide a hand-up rather than a hand-out. To share our incredible blessings with others in need of grace and love. To discover first-hand that we are all children of God, equally loved, equally valued, equally worthy. WCC’s mission trip experiences are formative and enduring. Working in adult-lead teams, teens rise early and work throughout the day to repair homes, replant gardens, and integrate into the communities in which they serve. Along the way, they cultivate relationships with the people they meet, interacting with adults over dinner, with children on the playground, with the community during prayer and worship in the local church. Together, teens and their partner community explore faith in a rich and transformative exchange.

The work is hard and the rewards many. Fascinating side trips offer opportunities to explore new regions and cultures. And fun evening activities inevitably result in laughter and gratifying down-time. Teens leave with a changed perspective on their lives and the challenges that exist in the world beyond their own backyards.

Last summer, students  journeyed to Gulfport Mississippi, where they assisted the people of neighboring towns by providing repairs to their homes. The mission trip usually takes place the week after Wilton High School’s graduation.   This year participants are required to earn credits, which involves fundraising and other activities in the months leading up to it.

Ready to take a pilgrimage that will change your life? Email Rev. Anne Coffman if you have any questions.