Living Generously

Our church is blessed to have so many selfless servants.  As a united body, we accomplish much more than any one of us could do alone.  While hands-on participation is critical to everything we do, so to is the financial commitment we make during the church’s annual stewardship campaign. For just a glimpse of why your pledge matters, please watch the short video below.  Thank you for your generosity and all that you do for our church.


1) Make your pledge by email.  Send the amount that you agree to contribute for the year 2018 to

2) Subsequently (prior to 2018 or over the course of 2018), you can fulfill your pledge by the method that best suits you:

  • Write a check
  • Take advantage of the tax-saving benefits of donating appreciated securities
  • Set-up automatic bank bill payments
  • Arrange for automatic payroll deductions
  • Contribute using your credit or debit card, or PayPal account
  • Secure online transactions through our PayPal account


Let your contribution be a reflection of what is important in your life. Give with a generous heart!
For questions or further information regarding PayPal, please contact WCC Treasurer, Luis Fernandes.