pastorl_careWe are drawn to church in times of great joy, welcoming infants into the world, celebrating God’s abundant love through marriage, nurturing our children’s faith alongside our own. It is also here that we retreat when the pieces of our lives seem to scatter in all directions. Fear, loss, loneliness, uncertainty—all are brought into this sanctuary where we are healed, comforted, fortified and reminded that we are not alone.

A Place to Share Your Journey

There is an unpredictability to life, glorious mountain peaks and ominous valleys through which we pass. WCC provides a safe, supportive place to share your journey. Our caring ministry is there to listen, to comfort, to lend a hand, to counsel and help make sense of life’s challenging circumstances.

We’ll visit you wherever you find yourself and help you connect with God in ways that move you beyond life’s trials and tribulations into a deeper, more meaningful spiritual relationship with the Lord. Our ministers are always available to visit and offer healing prayers, so please let the church office know if you or someone you love is facing illness, surgery or hospitalization. The ministers respect and support your healing wishes and all pastoral information is confidential.

Caring Ministry is the heart of the church’s ministries and touches upon all age groups through all aspects of church life.  Caring Ministry is a “whole church” ministry:

  • Stephen Ministry is comprised of a trained group of parishioners who assist ministers with visitations, compassionate pastoral care and support.  Our Stephen Ministry multiplies the Caring Ministry at WCC by training and supervising church members in quality Christian care giving.   Read more about it here.
  • Each member of the Board of Deacons provides a caring connection with up to 20 church families, acting as a supporting “go-to” lay leader in time of need.
  • Members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry meet regularly to knit shawls for those hospitalized, facing surgery, ill, or in need of warm, comforting support.

WCC serves all wanting to incorporate spirituality into their daily lives—not just in times of loss or challenge. As God’s children and a church family, we live from the biblical wisdom, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”