family_ministry_highschool_01High school programs at WCC are active ministries, a sacred journey of growth, hope and fellowship. High-energy, impactful and hands-on, they engage youth in God’s world guided by God’s word. Teens come to know the Bible as a relevant, dynamic guide for navigating life’s ups and downs. Believing that faith is meant to be experienced, they roll up their sleeves and lean in, building houses, preparing meals, restoring the environment. At WCC, teens’ minds and hearts are nourished as much as their souls.


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High School Programs

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer to make our programs run smoothly.  Click here to sign up to help.

Click here to RSVP for the Car Wash on June 2 from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

Confirmation Class – Twice Monthly 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM  – A time for reflection, 9th graders and above spend their confirmation year discerning what faith means to them and the ways in which they are called to bring God’s love into the world. Confirmands delve into the beliefs and traditions of faith, considering how Christianity impacts their own lives. While deeply personal, confirmation is also a time of shared experiences and enduring friendships. Students join the church as full members on Confirmation Sunday, a church as full members on Confirmation Sunday, a memorable and celebratory service lead entirely by the confirmation class.  See website calendar for exact dates.

High School Youth Group – Every Sunday 5:30 – 7:00 PM – Provides students with an opportunity to discuss issues that matter to them, to respect one another while expressing their own views and to grow together as a faith family.  High School students gather to enjoy dinner, thought-provoking conversation, high spirited group games and community-service activities.

Upcoming Events for Youth Group:

May 20 – Laundry Wars.  Click here to RSVP.

Summer Mission Trips provide an opportunity for WCC youth and their friends to put faith into action. With sweat-stained brows, paint-streaked shirts and muddy hands, they restore hope as they rebuild homes, discovering that they are blessed with the love and power to improve lives and change the world. Grounded in love and Christian service, WCC’s mission trips transport teens to communities struggling with poverty, injustice and neglect. Here, they connect and form friendships with those that they serve and come to realize that they is more that draws us together than drives us apart.

All High School Programs are lead by Lydia Gajdel,, our Director of Youth Ministry and adult supervisors in a fun, safe and respectful environment. Friends are always welcome, so bring yours along!