bible_studyAdult education at WCC takes a deeper look into Jesus’ teachings, their historical significance and the relevance of God’s Word in our lives today. Through select readings and thought-provoking discussion, we ask the tough questions and explore our individual relationships with God and one another in a safe, respectful environment.

This Bible Study will explore the motives behind God’s punishment of some sinners and mercy toward others, even to the point of using them as instruments of divine intent. Classic examples we shall explore are as follows.

Bible Studies

Yale Bible Study

Each course is a study of a biblical book, deepened by insights from Yale Divinity School professors.  These materials form an accessible, free, and deeply thoughtful group Bible study program, convenient for pastors and lay leader to use.  Each course includes:

  • Downloadable weekly study sheets
  • Online video of the professors’ insight-rich conversation about that week’s Bible text
  • Each course will be led by Rev. Dr. Anne Coffman

All you supply is your own Bible!

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New Testament

The Acts of the Apostles

Old Testament



Second Isaiah


There are countless ways to nurture your faith—worship, fellowship, volunteerism, Bible study, mission trips and other activities that let you connect, contribute and grow. Time spent reading a good book can also deepen our relationship with God, our planet and one another, providing meaning and insight into life’s challenges and pursuits. Here are some of our favorites.

Recommended Reading

For Prayer and Meditation

  • James Langford and Leroy Rouner (editors),
    Walking with God in a Fragile World
  • Fr. Thomas Merton, Seeds
  • Fr. Henri Nouwen, The Inner Voice of Love
  • Rev. Holly Whitcomb, Seven Spiritual Gifts of Waiting

Healing Relationships with Others

  • Frederick Franck, Janis Roze and Richard Connolly (editors),
    What Does it Mean to be Human?
  • Beverly Flanigan, Forgiving the Unforgivable
  • Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D., My Grandfather’s Blessings
  • Rev. Dr. Donald Shriver, Jr., An Ethic for Enemies

Healing Relationships with the Earth

  • Rev. Thomas Berry, The Sacred Universe
  • Liz Walker, Choosing a Sustainable Future

Faith Seekers

  • Eben Alexander, M.D., Proof of Heaven
  • Francis Collins, Belief
  • Rev. Timothy Keller, The Reason for God
  • William P. Young, The Shack

The Emerging Church

  • Walter Hidalgo. Beyond the Four Walls: The Rising Ministry and Spirituality of Hip-Hop
  • Paul Nixon, I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church