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The Bible – It’s complicated

The Bible is one of the principle places where we learn about God.   In it we read of the stories of ancient people, like Abraham, Sarah, Joseph, and Joshua.  We learn about their interactions with God.  We see how God shaped these people as they changed and grew.  We learn how to pray through the example of the Psalms.  […]

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Soul Rest

In previous centuries, it was common to hear someone speak of having a “troubled soul”.   We don’t speak that way now, but I think most of us have had the experience of a troubled soul.   We know what it feels like to feel despairing, worried, and overwhelmed.    I think that is what Jesus wanted to address in his famous […]

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What is the truth about sacrifice?

Most of us have a preference to not talk about sacrifice.  We would love to think that we can have everything we want without giving up anything.  But, of course, that rarely happens.  We can’t play the piano well just because we want to, it takes hours of practice.  A great football team can’t want its way into a […]

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Drinking the Living Water

Have you ever had the experience of feeling out of sorts, and then realizing that you are thirsty?  If you are like me, after drinking some water you feel a lot better!  Many times we let our souls get dehydrated.  We fail to give them the living water that souls need.  But what is living water and how do […]

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Setting Priorities – July 12, 2016

The story of Jesus’ visit to Martha and Mary is a familiar one.  If you are like me, you have found it a frustrating one as well.     What is Jesus telling us?   Doesn’t he realize how hard it can be to get everything done?  Doesn’t he understand the pressures that we experience to “get it right”?  This Sunday we […]

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June 14, 2016

In the wake of the terrorist attack in Orlando, many of us are numb with shock and sorrow.   We also feel powerless to have impact on a world that seems to be filled with hate and darkness.   But we are not powerless.    We have the power to  choose to be people of light.  Light bearers who allow God’s light […]

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Living by Grace – 6/9/16

We are so used to working hard and earning everything that we are given, that it can be hard to grasp that God surrounds us with grace.   How do we begin to see the world through the lens of grace?   How do we recognize and celebrate the grace that God is giving us every minute of our day?   This […]

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Spirituality – June 3, 2016

In North America today, there are many people who define themselves as “Spiritual but not Religious”, but what does it mean to be “spiritual”?  To think about it in a different way, what is it about spirituality that we want our children to incorporate into their lives?  In this week’s sermon, we will explore these questions as we look […]

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Choose Honor – May 26, 2016

The dictionary defines the verb honor in this way: to regard or treat (someone) with admiration and respect. Memorial Day is the designated day when we think about honor as we remember those who sacrificed their lives for our country. But honor should not be left to just one day. As human beings we need to honor and we […]

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Counting Blessings – May 17, 2016

We often think that the word Stewardship only pertains to money.  But for Christians, stewardship holds a much deeper meaning.  We believe that God has entrusted us with many blessings; our homes, our relationships, our church, and we believe that we are to be faithful stewards of these gifts. 

As stewards, we are called to celebrate, nurture, and pass […]

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