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Caught up in the Excitement

We are all familiar with the story of the first Palm Sunday.   But it is amazing how alive these ancient words of scripture become every time they are read.  That day was clearly a memorable one in Jerusalem.  Everyone was caught up in the excitement.  How did it go so wrong so quickly?

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New Perspective

One of the challenges about God is that there are so many perspectives on who God is and what God wants.   In ancient times in the Holy Land, the prophet Jeremiah spoke of a time when we would be able to be united in our perspective on God.   What does he mean?

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Amazing Grace!

This week we celebrate Christ the King Sunday, the last Sunday of the liturgical year.  On this day we think about what it means to have faith that God is in control.  We consider how that affects our lives and the way we approach the world.  We explore the amazing grace of God.



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Attitude of Gratitude

The research evidence is overwhelming.  Those who are grateful live more healthy lives.  They are more resilient and their marriages are better!   How can we have gratitude and pass it on to others?   Is it possible to choose an attitude of gratitude?

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Toward a More Independent Way

This week our guest preacher is Rev. Dr. Kent Siladi, the Conference Minister of the Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ.   The scripture for his sermon is from 1 Corinthians 12 where the Apostle Paul speaks of spiritual gifts and the Body of Christ.    Come hear Rev. Dr. Siladi’s thoughts on the church today as he preaches “Toward […]

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Who do you follow?

Everybody follows something.  Sometimes we can forget how much this influences us.  Our attitudes and life choices are shaped by who we follow.   Are we going to let Instagram, twitter, and podcasts shape us?  Or are we willing to risk more and allow ourselves to be shaped by a close relationship with the One who loves us best?

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Happy 500th Birthday

We are celebrating the five hundredth birthday of the Protestant Reformation.   On October 31, 1517, a thirty-four year old monk named Martin Luther nailed ninety-five statements to the doors of the Wittenberg Church.  What did Luther say in these statements?   What difference did it make?  How does it affect us today?  We will explore all of this on Sunday.  […]

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Becoming All that God Created Us to Be: Living Generously

Giving brings us closer to God.  But how do we find ways to give when our lives have so many demands?  What does it mean to live generously?

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Becoming All that God Created Us To Be: Daily Prayer

“Don’t worry about anything; instead pray about everything.”   These beautiful words of the Apostle Paul are encouraging to us all.  The challenge is to act on them.  How do we pray about everything?   Learn about making prayer more of a habit in your life in this next installment of Becoming All that God Created Us to Be:  Daily Prayer.

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Bearing the Load.

This week our guest preacher is the Reverend Jill Olds.  Rev. Olds grew up attending the First Congregational Church in Ridgefield.  After college, she completed her M.Div degree at Princeton Theological Seminary and was ordained in the United Church of Christ.   Rev. Olds has served both as a hospital chaplain and as an associate pastor.  She is married to […]

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