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This week we welcome Rev. Harold “Skip” Masback as our guest preacher.   Rev. Masback served the Congregational Church of New Canaan for almost 19 years, 13 of them as Senior Minister.   While at CCNC he led a vital youth program that has impacted the lives of hundreds of teenagers.   Skip is passionate about the power of youth ministry.  He […]

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Becoming All God Created Us to Be: Using Our Spiritual Gifts

Last Sunday, I spoke of two themes that we will be returning to throughout 2017-2018:  Building our Community and Becoming All God Created Us to Be.  Our scripture for this week addresses both of these.  In Ephesians 4, The Apostle Paul talks about the importance of each of us using our spiritual gifts to strengthen our church.  We will […]

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A New Song for a New Year

Church calendar says Advent is the beginning of the church year, but for me the beginning is Rally Day!   It’s the day when Children’s Church and all of our programs get their restart.   It is a new song!   Our scripture for this week, Psalm 149, talks about singing to the Lord a new song – but what does that […]

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Acknowledging Holy Ground

All around the world there are places that have been traditionally known as “holy ground”.  In our scripture passage for today, we see a nondescript area where Moses watches over the flock of his father-in-law transformed into holy ground.  What makes ground holy?   We will explore this in “Recognizing Holy Ground”.

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Faith, Faith That, Faith In

Our preacher this week is the Reverend Daniel England.   Dan has served several churches in Fairfield County including the First Congregational Church in Old Greenwich, Greens Farms Congregational Church and, most recently, the First Congregational Church in Fairfield.  He has also served as the Interim Senior Minister of the First Congregational Church of Litchfield, CT.   Recently he finished his […]

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Feast of Reconciliation

This week our guest preacher is the Reverend Diane Stevenson.  Diane served here at Wilton Congregational Church in the mid-2000’s as our Associate Minister.  She is currently the Director of Sustainability for CSC Sugar LLC and a well-known supply preacher in Connecticut.  Her sermon will is on the wonderful, but challenging topic of reconciliation.

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Life is messy

Life is messy.  It’s a blessing and a curse.   We plan – but things don’t go the way they were “supposed” to go.    Our scripture for this week shows us a family that was very messy, and yet God used them.  Can God use the messiness in our own lives?

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Wrestling with God

This week’s sermon is about the story of Jacob wrestling with the mysterious “man” on the night before he meets his brother, Esau after many years of separation.   The story is a powerful one because all of us wrestle with God.   We have all had times when life doesn’t go as we think it should and we wonder “How […]

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Lean into God

It can be a challenge to keep our relationship with God a priority in our lives.  We have many obligations that demand our time, our talents, and our treasure.  This is why this week’s scripture, Romans 8:26-39, is one of my favorites.  

So often in scripture, we hear about how important it is for us to be faithful to […]

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Between a Rock and a Thin Place

I am so excited that Rev. Shannon Wall is our guest preacher this week.  Rev. Wall was a member and a deacon here at WCC in the 2000’s.   She has served churches in Darien and Woodbury.   This week she will preach on Jacob’s encounter with God as he dreams of a stairway to heaven and an encounter with God […]

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