A Vibrant Community


Wilton Congregational Church is a dynamic faith community. We’re young and old, single and married, laborers and homemakers. Lifelong Christians, questioners, interfaith couples and seekers, we come to church knowing that there is more that binds us together than tears us apart.  To learn more click here.

Tradition & Today

Founded in 1726, the church was established on Wolfpit Road as the Wilton Parish eight years before the birth of George Washington. A decade later, the congregation outgrew that building and erected a larger one on the corner of Danbury and Sharp Hill roads.  To learn more click here.


What We Believe

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While we may be at different places in our lives, we share a common belief: following Christ, we cherish all by giving hope, healing and help so that lives and communities may be transformed. It’s a vision that stems from our core values.  Click here to read more on our core values.


We join more than 5,100 Congregational and Community churches in embracing the United Church of Christ Statement of Faith.