WCC is a touchstone for what matters most, a safe haven against the storm and a sanctuary in which we honor and celebrate life’s most cherished moments. From the beginning of our journey here through to its end, the church is where we rejoice, grieve and honor all of life’s stages.


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Baptism is an outward and visible sign of the grace of God, the sacrament through which we are united with Jesus and given part in Christ’s ministry of reconciliation. It is God’s gift to us and the means by which we become part of God’s family. In baptism, we begin the process of becoming followers of Christ sure in the knowledge that we are called to be His people always.

Infants, children, youth and adults are invited to begin their lives as Christians through the sacrament of baptism within WCC’s beautiful sanctuary during Sunday morning worship. Baptism is a time of great joy, one that is shared by our church family as, together, we promise our love, support and care for the one being baptized as he or she grows in Christ. 


Established in 1726, WCC is the epitome of a classic New England church: quaint, historic and full of small-town charm, according to Martha Stewart Weddings. It’s also a sacred and welcoming sanctuary in which to join as a loving couple in holy matrimony.

One of life’s most important and meaningful experiences, marriage is a celebration of the gift of God’s love. Wedding ceremonies at WCC truly reflect that love.

Our pastor takes a deep interest in your marriage and future happiness, and will prepare you for this exciting and sacred covenant with pre-marital counseling. These meetings offer an opportunity to address your needs and concerns with candor and compassion so that you may fully rejoice in your union on your wedding day.

An important part of every wedding is the music. Our gifted organist, Mr. Glafke, will meet with you to discuss your wishes and recommend appropriate music for this sacred occasion.

A member of the Deaconate will serve as your wedding coordinator, overseeing the many details of your rehearsal and wedding service. 


Funerals & Memorials


WCC provides gentle, compassionate support during times of loss and grief. Our ministers, prayer ministry team, spiritual support groups and pastoral care partners extend God’s healing love so that you may embark on the journey of healing and transcendence.

Funeral and memorial services in our grace-filled sanctuary offer a sacred worship space, bringing comfort, honor, respect and hope to all present. Our pastor, music director, and facilities manager assist families in planning a meaningful service that honors their loved one and offers a powerful healing ministry to the grieving.

The Deacons provide a truly elegant reception in Pilgrim Hall following the service during which tea sandwiches, home-baked treats, fresh fruit or crudité,  punch, coffee, tea and water are served.

Set on 27 tranquil acres, Hillside Cemetery provides a place of beauty and peace for families and individuals of all faiths. In addition to burial plots, the cemetery offers a serene Cremation Memorial Garden. For more information, contact Cemetery Administrator Pam Brown at (203) 762-5591 or by email.

Every service is a celebration of life and the eternal promise of God’s loving grace. For more information about these special services, please contact the office at  (203) 762-5591 or by email.