Dear Friends,

Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.

These are the themes of Advent.   As Christians, we seek to make each of them a central part of our lives.   But as I write this, we are hearing about yet another terrible act of violence in our country.   Clearly, we live in a world where many do not have hope, peace, joy and love in their lives.  It is because we live in times like these that, more than ever, I believe in the importance of communities of faith like ours.

I have only been your Transitional Senior Minister since mid-October, but it is very clear to me that God is working in and through Wilton Congregational Church.  We are a community of faith that brings healing to our hurting world!  Already, Paul and I have experienced Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love in our interactions with you.  Thank you for your warm welcome to Paul and me.

In this Christmas season, we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  And, we also celebrate the birth of the Christ Presence within each of us.  Let us not forget that we may be the only Christ that someone sees this Christmas. I love this old poem by Warren Meyer, and I want to share it with you:


You are Christmas…
Every time you smile and help to make the world a brighter place
You are Christmas…
Every time you laugh and let the sound join with all the happy music of the world
You are Christmas…
Every time you speak a word of faith to some fearful soul along an unpaved road.
You are Christmas…
Every time you pray a prayer for those who need your very special blessing.
You are Christmas…
Every time your loving hand goes out of the way to give that extra special service.

I encourage you to be Christmas in our world this year!   And I invite you to gather with us here as we celebrate Advent and Christmas together.

See you at church!



Transitional Senior Minister